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As per the plan, you meet up with the team after school. Going by the previous pattern, you agree that Kanji must already be inside the other world. Yukiko wonders what the Midnight Channel really is. The group discusses the origins of the Midnight Channel rumor and begins to worry that the rumor might spread with all of the kidnapped shows appearing at night. Yukiko wonders if the killer is watching the TV, too. Chie gets really frustrated and angry and vows to catch and kill the killer. Teddie can tell someone’s in the TV World, but he can’t pinpoint Kanji and he seems distraught. Teddie thinks that if you can give him a clue– something to set him on the scent — he feels confident that he can find Kanji for you. The game tells you to ask around town about Kanji.

Persona 4 Golden test answers – How to ace all exams and class quiz questions

Persona 4 , [a] also known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 , is a role-playing video game developed and published by Atlus. It is chronologically the fifth installment in the Persona series, itself a part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise, and was released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan in July , North America in December , and Europe in March Persona 4 takes place in a fictional Japanese countryside and is indirectly related to earlier Persona games.

The player-named protagonist is a high-school student who moved into the countryside from the city for a year. During his year-long stay, he becomes involved in investigating mysterious murders while harnessing the power of summoning Persona.

Speaking of Kanji: I hope a mod is in the works that lets him date the main character, too. They could go on long walks, knit together, share one.

After school, the stakeout is underway with the Team all gathered around the Yasogami High School gates. As Kanji is walking through the gates, the “Slender young man” approaches the first-year and they walk away. Yosuke decides to split the group into two: one to follow Kanji and the other to watch the textile shop in town.

Choose whomever you’d like to pair off with– it has no Social Rank affect. If you chose to go with one of the girls like Yukiko , declare, “No worries, I’ll protect you. Once the link has formed and you’re prompted to ask Yukiko for her contact information read: “digits” , choose, Ask her straight out if you can or are on New Game Plus.

Persona 4 Golden mod restores cut Yosuke romance

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Oh, then does that make this our special headquarters? Nicely put, Yukiko. Special headquarters Hmm, that does have a nice ring to it. Who was that? I saw it too! I couldn’t get a good view of the person’s face, but it was a guy, wasn’t it? So that’s how I looked on TV Wait a moment. Didn’t all the victims have one thing in common?

That they were females with ties to the first incident? That’s what we thought

Why can’t I have Kanji as my boyfriend?

Part of the reason why Persona 4 became so popular was is its integration of RPG elements mixed with a social game. Players assume the role of Yu who is a student by day and an otherworldly warrior at night. It sounds weird, but it came together terrifically well. Of course this can all be thanked to its predecessor, Persona 3 , which first adapted these elements into the series.

There is also the fact that the PS Vita was in desperate need of software and the re-release, Persona 4: Golden , came out at just the right time.

here are so many wonderful characters in Persona 4: the energetic Chie, who is one of the great moments in any video game to date, period.

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Persona 4 Golden coming to PC on June 13

Persona 4 dating choices Tatakae dating online dating rise. Chie, i still do. Shigenori soejima was. Persona 3 dating guide Summary: this floor. Name is a persona 4 golden on the playstation 2; persona 4 golden.

He is voiced by Tomokazu Seki in Japanese, and Troy Baker in English in Persona 4, Persona 4 Golden, Persona 4: Arena, and the first twelve.

A long-lost romance in Persona 4 Golden is making its debut on PC, and all thanks to a modder. The Yosuke Romance mod is still pretty far from release, but it will restore a voice line discovered in the original Persona 4 Golden files on Vita into a scene where Yosuke admits his deep affection for the player protagonist. The cut scene is particularly notable due to the Persona series’ lack of explicitly queer relationship options otherwise.

Take a look at the video above to see the work-in-progress version of the mod in action. While the voice line triggers correctly, the written dialogue still doesn’t match. Done or not, you can give the mod a try, just to see how it works. Modder MadMax is still digging through files in search of audio index numbers to make cleaning up the script simpler.

They’re also looking into editing earlier scenes at social link six to lead the romance in more progressively, rather than have it drop out of nowhere as an option for the tenth social link. I’m pretty happy to see scripting mods at the fore of the Persona 4 Golden modding scene.

Automatic Social Links Guide

Another tweet by Nitomatta alleged the port has Denuvo security, which was promptly confirmed with the discovery of the Persona 4 Golden Denuvo support page. The Persona 4 Golden Steam icons were also discovered. On a related note, Twitter user SabiWabii, who has leaked accurate information in the past and was the first to tweet about Presona 4 Golden coming to PC today, alleges that an iteration of Persona 3 is also coming to PC.

Gematsu has not heard anything to suggest this. Comments are welcome and encouraged on Gematsu.

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This is our unofficial guide for the Social Links that automatically progress as you go through the main story line of Persona 4 Golden. Most of the time, it does not matter which choices you make during these events, but one of them is only accessible dependant on which ending you choose to pursue. Location : During the event which shows the formation of the Investigation Team after they decide to rescue Yukiko Amagi.

Location : During the event where Teddie joins the Investigation Team as a playable party member. Location : During the event where the Investigation Team resolves to catch the missing murderer. Ability Description : During the event where the Investigation Team makes the choice on what to do with Taro Namatame. Location : During the event where the Investigation Team goes to the Hospital for a checkup.

Location : During the event where the Investigation Team confront Taro Namatame in his hospital room. Location : During the event where the Investigation Team discuss the previous date at the Junes forecourt.

[3DS] Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth [Persona 4] – Wedding: Kanji

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