Edison “Bergmann” Socket, 1884 to 1895

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List of Vintage Lamp Manufacturers

Lamps offered at auctions might be trash or may be treasure. The lamp you use daily might also be a valuable item. Determining the worth of any lighting fixture means taking a good look at some obvious clues and doing a bit of research to estimate the value.

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Outdoor Lighting. Vintage Lighting. Pendant Lighting. Bespoke Lighting. Reclaimed Industrial Lighting. Loomlight are a leading global supplier of vintage industrial lighting and retro lighting. We work with both private and commercial clients. Each light fixture has been reclaimed from an industrial, marine or military setting dating between and Lighting too good to be left to waste in a salvage yard.

Restoring Vintage Bridge Lamps

Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities. Below are several of the documented marks used by Bradley and Hubbard to identify their products. Many of these marks were in use throughout the company’s 88 year existence rendering attempts at dating Bradley and Hubbard products based solely on the mark unreliable.

Tiffany Lamps: Price Guide and How to Identify an Original Antique Tiffany lamps are sought-after today and the market remains competitive.

Gorgeous, classical, regal, and looking like something on a bridge over the Thames in London, these antique bridge lamps are a magnificent testament to a time where lamps has style and grace, and where on bridges not just for light, but for ambiance. Take a long stroll through this collection and see what we mean. You home will benefit from one or more of these lamps. Vanessa is a New York-based designer specializing in architectural lighting.

Whether you are planning an event, want to illuminate your backyard retreat or simply need advice on what lamp to purchase for your bedroom, Vanessa will be more than happy to share her knowledge and expertise. Bring some antique elegance into your living room, with this exquisite bridge lamp. Designed in the ‘s, the lamp stands on a round base with fine metalwork, while holding a hexagonal, metal mesh shade. The whole cast iron structure is durable and beautifully fits with subtle shade lamps.

Perfect detail for the living room.

Vintage Oil Lamps

A swivel mechanism, enabled easy adjustment of shade, providing ideal task lighting. Designs ranged from simple, plain forms to fancy decorative shapes. Bridge lamps were made of brass, cast iron, bronze or zinc, however weight of lamps was very manageable, making it easy to pick up lamp and move it from one location to the next. Lamp shades were made of parchment, mica, linen, silk or glass.

Create an atmosphere of warmth and beauty with accent lighting from our huge collection of vintage floor lamps and table lamps. We have.

Hurricane lamps have a glass bottom that sits on a metal or brass base that holds oil. The lamp’s chimney — a long, clear glass cylinder — protects the oil-soaked wick from drafts; that’s how the lamp got its name. Some hurricane lamps have an additional glass globe around the top of the chimney for decoration.

Oil lamps were common before the widespread use of electricity, so they are a common item in antique shops and flea markets. Examine the glass. Older lamps are usually made from hand-blown glass, which usually contains imperfections from air bubbles and other small errors that occurred during the glass-blowing process. Replicas usually are made by machine or with a mold, so they usually have no imperfections in the glass.

Compare sizes. For practical reasons, antique hurricane lamps are large enough to enable them to burn for long periods of time before running out of oil. Smaller hurricane lamps usually date from more recent times, when they were decorative rather than a major source of light.

Types of Antique Lamps

Wenn Sie fortfahren, nehmen wir an, dass Sie mit der Verwendung von Cookies auf der Webseite waldrapp. Identify for stiffel labels and company embossed stamps and raised imprints on the lamp. Not all lamps list a maker, but small clues such as a stiffel number or a handwritten pencil number plug you research the maker. Note all lamp for your research. Identify any switches or stiffel pulls for manufacturing clues.

Nov 28, – This project was one of our most ambitious to date for a client. They wanted a light to hang over the kitchen table that had a wow factor when.

Los Angeles, CA Perhaps you love estate sales and have been noticing some eye-catching lamps, or maybe you’ve found a handsome old lamp in your grandparents’ attic. However you found these amazing light fixtures, you might be wondering if they’re antique and worth restoring. Well, the short answer is that, if you like the lamp, have it restored. Additionally, you can make spare cash by selling restored lamps. Find out if that dusty old lamp is really a gem in disguise.

Perhaps the first step you should take is researching lamp styles that look similar to yours. Antique lamps can range in style from simple kerosene to elaborate Tiffany. Some other common styles include Victorian, Aladdin, Handel and banquet. Making a general match to one of those styles could tell you the lamp is antique, though there are reproductions.

If you don’t have a clue what official style of lamp you might have, visit antique websites that feature lamps.

Vintage Industrial Lighting

Antique electric or oil lamps offer more than just a source of illumination after dark; many of these lamps feature hand-painted designs, offering a bit of decor for enjoyment any time of day. As with other types of antiques, reproductions of similar style are also on the market. From afar, reproductions may look like their older counterparts, but close inspection typically reveals the truth about their authenticity.

In some cases, designs are not hand-painted; instead, they are decals or transfers that can be identified with a magnifying glass. In an electric lamp, the cord often reveals the clue to the lamp’s age, unless the cord has been replaced.

Several indicators help determine whether your light fixture is an antique, ​; if the socket has no markings whatsoever, it may date to before the s.

Light is important. It’s always been a focal point in homes for families throughout history. Light has gone from a simple fire to torches, and then to kerosene oil lamps. So many antique lamps were designed for aesthetics and durability, which is why people collect them to this day. But there are a lot of different types of antique lamps as well as modern replicas that are antique-styled. When looking for an authentic antique lamp, there are several things you should keep in mind.

How can I date my vintage Anglepoise lamp?

Table lamps made by renowned designers usually have a date stamp, a product number or the manufacturer’s name listed on them somewhere. By establishing the date of an antique table lamp, you can discover its value or find any replacement parts needed. Start by identifying the style of table lamp you have, such as an Art Nouveau, an Art Deco lamp or a hurricane boudoir lamp, to establish the maker and its age. One of the first places to look for a date stamp or the maker’s hallmark begins with an examination of the base of the lamp that sits on the table.

Dating back to the Art Nouveau movement of the early 20th century, these extravagantly decorative lamps and light fittings now constitute highly.

William C. Coleman was a master a re-using and adapting, and some pretty odd things were put together in Wichita Kansas over the years. To date your US-made lamp, lantern burner or single-burner stove, first make sure the fuel cap is down tight and then turn it upside-down and look at the bottom. Lanterns and stoves made from about to present are usually stamped on the bottom of the fount.

You will see two sets of numbers; the number on the left is the month and the one on the right is the year of manufacture. Appliances made from about to can have an alpha-numeric code on the fount bottom. The number indicates the year of manufacture while the letter, most assume, is the first A or second B half of the year. Lamps, lanterns and burners made from about to usually have a similar stamp with two sets of numbers, except that the numbers are reversed.

Tiffany Lamps: How to tell real from fake

Hugh Hicks S. Monsieur Ara Fin Stewart. The book was released on September 21, Please click here for more information. I found thousands of these bulbs while cleaning out old warehouse by ziggys August 18, , pm [ Antique Bulb Discussion ] Bulb adapter?

The reasons that inform this high regard of antique lamps dates back to centuries of time, with many of those who love to stock antique lamps.

Antique lamps run the gamut from old farm lanterns to the beloved Tiffany lamp and its successors. Many of these lamps, whether electric or oil, can still be used today. Converting an oil lamp to electric can reduce the value, but because these are among the most affordable antiques, many owners prefer the pleasure of using it with the increased convenience and safety of electricity. Up until the spread of gas lighting and then of electricity, all lamps operated on the same principle: a reservoir to hold oil and a wick to control how quickly it burned.

Probably the first lamp was invented when somebody noticed that oil-saturated fabric can burn steadily over a long period of time. According to BibleHistory. During the Greek period through the Middle Ages, they were made from molds as well as by hand. The first metal lamps appeared around the first century AD. The very earliest examples are generally plain, but later pieces became much more elaborate.

Antique and Vintage Lamps in the Mall – Antiques with Gary Stover

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