20 Things You Should Know Before Dating A ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Geek

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Home – Login – Contact. Description: An event in the aftermaths of the Orc-raid at Parth Galen and the Attack on the Orc-raiders at Fangorn ; see those entries for overviews: With that the three hunters plunged into the forest of Fangorn. Legolas and Gimli left the tracking to Aragorn So it was that he came upon the place where Merry and Pippin had drunk and bathed their feet. There plain for all to see were the footprints of two hobbits, one somewhat smaller than the other. And it seems that at this point the hobbits left the water-side.

Reader would include (GIF Credit [ X ]) – Him being surprised about how Just type Legolas on the search bar in my tumblr, it will works (Usually does) Him not asking you directly to date him, so if you two are together.

Little is known about Legolas’s early life. His date of birth is not known, though he made some vague references to his age:. The age attributed to the character of Legolas in Peter Jackson’s film version of The Lord of the Rings is 2,; however, this figure has no basis in the text. But this Elf was of the Noldor and went to Tol Eressea where he remained and thus was almost certainly not the same as Legolas of the Fellowship. Legolas was tall, lithe, and very strong. He had great vitality and was resistant to injury, hardship, and fatigue.

Legolas was a Silvan Elf of Sindarin descent. His father Thranduil was one of the Sindar who had come from Lindon sometime before the year of the Second Age. It is not known who Legolas’s mother was, and some have speculated that she may have been a Silvan Elf, but there is no textual basis for this theory. Legolas’s father Thranduil had imprisoned Thorin Oakenshield and his Dwarf companions when they passed through Mirkwood on the way to the Lonely Mountain in of the Third Age.

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This includes drawing on The Lord of the Rings itself, The Hobbit, The part of the early Third Age generation, though no date is given for his birth. Do you really think Legolas would have quipped about “running light over.

I didn’t take Legolas’ line to mean that he literally has no memory of her. I think it simply meant that Thranduil has done nothing to honor her memory at least in front of Legolas and acts like she might as well have never existed. Was Legolas’ mother still alive when Thranduil commissioned the necklace? If not, when did she die? The post seems to say that Legolas’ mother was Elrond’s Queen. Philippa said in the empire podcast: “they were being made for her when he lost her”.

So yes she was still alive when he commissioned the necklace. It had to be that Thror, because we see Thorin present as well It would be strange if the necklace was named ‘Green Leaves” for its color, although I suppose that Lasgalen could also have been the Wood-elves’ name for the Greenwood before its corruption. But then there is the connection her being involved somehow in the war at Gunderbad which means the war must have been during Legolas lifetime for his mother to have been alive when Thorin was young!

Something still doesn’t add up for me!

Something that Legolas should not see

Ready to return to the Shire? The series has been given the OK to film in New Zealand, following a coronavirus production shutdown. Production was previously suspended on the series amid the coronavirus pandemic, beginning on March

His date of birth is not known, though he made some vague references to his age​: It should also be noted that in The Book of Lost Tales II, an Elf named Legolas Greenleaf was present at the includes a physical description of Legolas.

We’re finally getting a clearer picture of what Amazon’s Lord of the Rings prequel series will look like, and it’s poised to cover one of the most fascinating times in Tolkien lore. The streaming service confirmed that the upcoming show will be set in the Second Age, which spans 3, years and features exciting events like Sauron’s first rise to power. But for those hoping to see a baby-faced Aragorn cutting it up with the elves, you’re out of luck.

Setting the show in this time period rules out the possibility of seeing the would-be king in action, since he was born in the Third Age. Discover your new favorite show: Watch This Now! Although the prequel will take place during a time that’s unfamiliar to mainstream audiences, it will contain elements familiar to even the most novice Lord of the Rings fan.

While Aragorn most likely won’t be featured, there’s a good chance you’ll get to see loads more of Elrond, whose role in the Second Age is pretty significant compared to the lethargic, stay-at-home elf we see in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. With Sauron on the rise, humans and elves were forced to forge an alliance, which led to a war that culminated with Aragorn’s ancestor Isildur cutting the One Ring from Sauron’s hand before taking it for himself, as depicted in the opening credits for The Fellowship of the Ring.

Elrond, who was present for that age-defining battle — as well as Isildur’s betrayal at Mount Doom, in which the human leader refused to destroy the One Ring — offers a unique perspective for the series. His rich backstory deserves your attention. What Jackson couldn’t showcase in his films is that Second Age Elrond is the cool Elrond who rode on the front lines of the war and looked glorious while doing so.

lotr would include

Such a friendship was rare between the two races, on account of the long-standing grievances between Dwarves and Elves dating back to the Elder Days. As has been said, little is known about his life before or during the Third Age , restricted to the few things he himself has said on the matter. During the War of the Ring , the creature Gollum was captured by Aragorn , and put under lock and key by the Elves of Mirkwood.

Through their over-kindliness to him, however, Gollum managed an escape with the help of Sauron ‘s Orcs. Legolas was dispatched to Rivendell to bring this ill news to Elrond and Gandalf. Legolas was present at the Council of Elrond and related the news of Gollum’s escape, being quick to add that it was not through lack of vigilance that he slipped their grasp, and gave detailed account of the whole affair to the Council.

You’d meet when.

Middle Earth is returning to New Zealand in a series set thousands of years before the books – but what does it all have to do with Aragorn? By Radio Times. Since Game of Thrones concluded in , several fantasy shows have sprung up aiming to become the next biggest thing on telly — but perhaps the show best placed to take that crown is the upcoming Lord of the Rings TV series.

Amazon Studios won the rights to produce at least five seasons of the series back in November , and ever since then fans have been eagerly waiting for more info — which has consistently become available in dribs and drabs. Production on the series began in — and despite a delay caused by the coronavirus outbreak, shooting is back underway again now. When Amazon acquired the rights to Lord of the Rings for a hefty sum, they made a multi-season commitment that also included a potential spin-off series.

Nonetheless, each season will still need to have formal approval to go-ahead from the Amazon execs, in the unlikely scenario that the series is an utter commercial disaster.

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I think PJ should include an “Elf-vision” battle shot (you know, like in does Tolkien even give an approximate age or date of birth for Legolas.

Originally posted by wanker-society. Thank you to vinerlover for requesting! Originally posted by wanker-society Thank you to vinerlover for requesting! Growing up together and being his closest friend. You tell each other everything. Giving him cute kisses on the cheek and long hugs when he is feeling down. Legolas being lost when your family moves away as your mother and father have a travelling business, and ever stay in the same place for too long.

You love the open road, but it is bittersweet as many things constantly remind you of Legolas and your friendship with him. After you can afford it, travelling on your own, away from your parents. You love them, but you need to go your own way. For him, he knows how he feels about you as soon as you share that first, long term conversation after all those years apart.

The Laws of Physics Do Not Apply to Legolas

Mortensen declined by simply saying, ” you do know, don’t you? Aragorn isn’t in The Hobbit. Since this exchange occurred in , the idea to bring back Aragorn can’t necessarily be attributed to Peter Jackson. With that said, the fact that Mortensen wasn’t approached by Del Toro personally might suggest the Aragorn plan wasn’t his doing either. If Mortensen had agreed to come back, his appearance would’ve likely generated even more controversy than Bloom’s.

In theory, Jackson could have altered the date Aragorn met Gandalf and delved into that duo’s early dealings in addition to the Necromancer material, but this would’ve spawned a completely separate narrative, whereas at least Legolas could be worked into the central journey of Bilbo and the Dwarves.

Publication date. 29 July Pages, (first edition). OCLC · · Dewey Decimal. LC Class, PR L67 , vol Preceded by, The Hobbit. Followed by, The Two Towers. The Fellowship of the Ring is the first of three volumes of the epic novel The Lord of the Rings Tolkien indicated he would have preferred The War of the Ring as a title, as it.

It is not an insult, but rather, the greatest compliment. Theme parties are a breeze for us — we undoubtedly have a stash of elf ears lying around, as well as at least one weapon replica most likely Sting in our closet. Arwen gave up her immortality for Aragorn, so….. The best way to make us laugh is to send funny Tolkien related memes — like this one. Or drinking game — one shot for every time Legolas uses an object as a surfboard. We are fiercely loyal, through thick and thin. Sam never abandoned Frodo, even when Frodo acted like a giant douchebag in the third book.

Or at least get wedding bands engraved with Elvish scripture. We have some strong feelings about Liv Tyler, so choose your words carefully.

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